Emi Takemura

Emi Takemura

Learn by Creation

Representative Director

( AJ-027 )


Representative Director, Learn by Creation
Representative Director, FutureEdu
Co-founder, Peatix.com
Japan Ambassador of Most Likely to Succeed

Emi is an entrepreneur and an avid supporter of the startup & education ecosystem. After a stint in management consulting, Emi has held numerous senior management positions at Excite Japan, Amazon Japan, and Disney Interactive Media Group before embarking on a startup journey to co-found Peatix.com in 2011. Peatix is the largest community event platform in Japan with 5.5 million users and available in 27 countries. In 2016, Emi co-founded FutureEdu to help reimagine education in Japan via documentary film screenings, events, trainings, and media. And in 2020, Emi published a book “New Elite Education – what skills and competencies kids need to learn to survive in the chaotic era?”, which became a category bestseller in Amazon.co.jp. Emi is also a Representative Director of Learn by Creation, which advocates for authentic, student-centered learning in Japanese K-12 education.

Emi holds a B.A. in Economics from Keio University, an MBA from Wharton School, and an MA from the Lauder Institute.