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“Global standardization of the intellectual industry”.
This is the corporate philosophy of Vueloo, Inc.

Our founder has over 10 years of experience organizing global conference. Over the years, we have built relationship with more than 100,000 professionals globally. We first thought Japanese would only learn from Western companies, but what we have learned from these experiences is that there are world class professionals in Japan.
The only thing those Japanese experts had found challenging is access to up-to-date information; what is the latest trend in the market, what we should do now for the coming up future.

Event & Community List

  • Gender Equality Seminar

    Masami Iwase and Takako Samejima will talk about a career planning for Japanese female professionals.

    PDF download
  • D2C Summit KyushuFebruary 2022 @Fukuoka, Japan

    February 2022

    The hub for Japanese e-commerce. Our COO Masami Iwase will be speaking at this event.

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  • SaaS Park TokyoFebruary, 2022 @ Tokyo, Japan

    February 2022

    No SaaS, No Growth. Learn and find the best SaaS product for your brands and customers.

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  • Localization support

    We will help in brand strategy, consulting, localizing their business, finding local employee.

    Incubation Hub
  • U.S. C-level Marketers Community

    We connect Japanese national brands to U.S. top C-level executives to share ideas and build relationship for the future. We will launch Digital Ascendant Japan as well.

    U.S. C-level Marketers Community
  • Market Research

    Provide latest U.S. trends, consumer needs in the targeted area in the U.S.

    Market Research
  • Training in Silicon Valley

    Learn how to transform and grow your business from the U.S. top companies and C-level executives

    Training in Silicon Valley
  • Seminar / Conference

    We also provide learning opportunity thought seminars and conferences.

    Seminar / Conference


  • Masato Taketomi
    Founder&CEO Masato Taketomi

    Masato has over 20 years in Marketing/Advertising field. He is the former CEO of largest marketing conference in Japan: dmg::events (now Comexposium).
    He managed over 50 events, and the total number of participants are over 200,000 from 53 countries. He is the first person to successfully managed an international conference in Japan for over 10 years. During that time, he went to San Francisco HQ quite often and became familiar with the market over the years. He dealt with U.S. national corporation such as WalMart, P&G, Adobe, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many other agencies and Media. He also has great relationship with national brands such as Dentsu, TOYOTA, SONY, Shiseido and etc. He is respected both in Japan and global filed. He is applying this experience to Vueloo to help both U.S. and Japanese businesses.

  • Masami Iwase Watanabe
    COO&CMO Masami Iwase Watanabe

    Masami has 20+ years experience in Marketing & Communications including Public Relations (AT&T,, K&L West Advertising) She is familiar with Cross-industry focus (Food and Beverage, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Finance) She has extensive experience in Multicultural Marketing (Asian Pac Region) including campaigns in Building Brand Awareness, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Retention & Localization Strategy.

Company Profile

Company Name
Masato Taketomi
Established dates
August 27, 2019
500,000 USD
Number of employees
Office locations
+1 310-567-2400
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U.S. C-level Marketers Community
Market Research
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